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DAPI (nuclei), Fox3 (neurons)
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DAPI (nuclei), Fox3 (neurons)
GFP (Dyno bCap 1 capsid)

Field-leading intravenous gene delivery to the CNS

An effective neurological gene therapy needs to:

Safely deliver to
enough of the
right cells in the CNS

Safety first

Well-tolerated and easy to administer.

Reaching enough cells

Able to reach enough cells for clinical efficacy.

Delivery to the right cells

Transduction data with cell-type resolution to ensure delivery to clinically relevant cell types.

The Dyno bCap 1 vector

The Dyno bCap 1 vector crosses the blood-brain barrier after IV injection, enabling safer and less-invasive delivery at a low dose to diverse cells throughout the CNS.

Dyno’s AI-powered design platform identified 7 sequence edits, to transform AAV9 into the bCap 1 capsid and improve delivery.

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Dyno bCap 1 data

The Dyno bCap 1 capsid offers…

  • Precise delivery to enough of the right cells

    Transduction of 5-20% of neurons in the CNS at a low IV dose of 1e13 vg/kg in NHPs, with the potential for higher transduction at higher doses.

  • Field-leading performance for CNS IV delivery

    Greatest all-around potential for CNS delivery with:
    100x brain transduction vs AAV9
    10x liver detargeting vs AAV9
    1x production vs AAV9

  • Superiority in head-to-head data comparisons

    Dyno bCap 1 transduces more consistently and produces more efficiently than external engineered capsids tested side-by-side in the same experiments.

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